Lab videos

Informational videos about the Hellmann Lab:
  1. Hellmann Lab video, July 2008, species’ moving in response to climate change
  2. Conference presentation, June 2010, species’ moving under climate change
  3. NSF video, May 2009, managed relocation (MR) & the MR working group
  4. NBC Learn, Changing Planet, April 2011, using butterflies to study climate change
  5. Presentation at Schneider Symposium, 2011, on graduate education
  6. Reilly Center Forum, April 2012, managing biodiversity under climate change
  7. Video on climate change adaptation, 2012, from ND’s Environmental Change Initiative
  8. Video on ND-GAIN, 2013, advancing climate change adaptation worldwide
  9. CAKE webinar, 2013, climate change adaptation in the private sector
  10. Highlight videos from the 2013 and 2014 Annual Meetings of ND-GAIN in Washington DC

leading research on global change ecology and climate change adaptation

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