Sean Ryan

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Sean studies plants, insects, and factors that influence their interactions, diversity and distribution. The majority of his PhD work focuses on how climate change affects the population genetics and dynamics of hybridizing species, specifically the hybrid zone of the butterflies, Papilio glaucus and P. canadensis. To learn how changes in climate have, or may, influence this hybrid zone, he employs a number of approaches including the use of historically collected specimen and molecular genetics/genomics to unravel how this hybrid zone has changed historically, as well as growth chamber and field experiments combined with simulation modeling to explore how this zone will respond to future changes in climate.

Sean also incorporates public participation in science (citizen science) in his research, and he is involved in a number of projects related to advancing and understanding the role of citizens in research and developing citizen science as a tool for science education.

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leading research on global change ecology and climate change adaptation

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